PH 4.8/5.2
Active ingredients: Olive Oil and Wheat Protein.

Color maintenance shampoo. Specifically designed for colored hair, nourishes and moisturizes, sealing the hair cuticles to prevent color fade away and prolong its intensity. The special formula protects the hair fiber from weathering and enhances the brightness of the color. Thanks to the benefit features of olive oil and wheat proteins, it revives and guarantees softness to the hair.


Apply the product on wet hair, massage gently, involving all the hair from roots to ends, thus proceed with rinsing. If necessary, repeat the operation.

Professional product.

250 ml / 8,45 fl.oz.
1000 ml / 33,81 fl.oz.
5 l / 169,07 fl.oz.
10 l / 338,14 fl.oz.

Keeping Pro.Shampoo | color maintenance